This Day in History

It is natural to be a little despondent in a deep winter, especially if you dislike the way things are going and feel that commonsense and basic liberty are under attack in your home country.  But just remember:

This day in 1778 Washington and his nearly frozen army were still shoeless in Valley Forge with little food and few good prospects.

This day in 1863 it wasn’t clear the North would win the Civil War and the Army of the Potomac had suffered heavily at Fredericksburg on December 13. Fourteen successive Union charges against fixed positions resulted in 12,500 dead.

On this day in 1942 Americans were embattled and losing in the Pacific. Because Hitler had chosen to declare war soon after Pearl Harbor German submarines were attacking American shipping all along the Atlantic coast.   Approximately 80 vessels were sunk in the first three months, condemning American sailors to drowning in frigid water.

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