And Yet They’re Leaving….

It was a lovely, but cold day today in SoCal. Plenty of sun and clear skies. As usual we were the focus of worldwide attention because of the Rose Parade.  I rarely watch it in full but because I am learning the ins and outs of blogging I was home. Thousands of chilly but happy people. The rest of the U.S. faces pretty miserable weather. New York even has the added pain of rampaging snow plows to add to the misery of record setting snow. But we were basking in sun and although it was chilly I was able to walk Santa Monica beach in a t-shirt. I even stripped my jacket off and probably got some “tan.”  Yet as a state we are suffering a net loss of businesses and productive people at precisely the moment we should be gaining them. How could we take the glorious God-given state we have with the estimated eighth largest economy on the planet and find ways to go into catastrophic debt and drive productive people out of here? That is just one of the problems I want to look at.

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3 Responses to And Yet They’re Leaving….

  1. angelino55 says:

    Congrats on the new blog. looks just fine. I’ll check into the issues mentioned, should be easy.


  2. Tom says:

    Great blog! It’s still seems to be a mystery to most why California is declining. We have created the least attractive business environment in the nation…but the most attractive welfare and medical benefits. If we keep feeding the pigeons they’ll keep coming and multiplying. We may have finally killed the goose that was laying those Golden Eggs…we can tax ourselves to a balanced budget, but the last employees in the tax base will be government workers pouring lime on the Bear’s corpse to keep the stink down… I engage in some hyperbole, but on second thought, perhaps not…

    • Thanks, Tom
      There is so much to be concerned about and I think we are all in the trenches on this one. Today’s LAT headline is that Gov. Brown is taking a “Hard Look” at Prop 13. That sounds like our leaders are still looking in the wrong direction. Kind of like having all of Singapore’s defenses pointing out to sea in December, 1941. We all know how that turned out!

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