Instability in Mexico an Increasing Threat

Recently there have been reports that the government of Mexico is losing control of its country. I lost the citation but I recently read a family blog of American expatriates who had been living near Tampico. They said that they were the last Americans left in the area out of what had been a thriving community. Escalating generic violence and threats against them had forced the others to leave.  Think Shane and maybe 500 other westerns on a more dangerous scale. The wife and children fled when the family found that their accountant ( a Mexican national) had been kidnapped. Apparently, that was the last straw. Mercifully, he was released and not badly harmed. The husband had to remain behind to finish essential business and the extended family was in fear and asking for prayers for his safety. There have been growing numbers of reports of trouble brewing including U.S. military contingency plans for dealing with crisis and other signals of problems. How our Congress can continue to push amnesties that attract illegal aliens, put enforcement on the back burner and refuse to demand the Justice Department drop its suit against Arizona is beyond me.

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One Response to Instability in Mexico an Increasing Threat

  1. angelino55 says:

    The Mexican government seems to be losing the security battle. The drug lords own too many officials, the power of the cartels continues to grow.

    Any sane discussion of immigration reform must take into account this menacing instability. No immigration reform before effectively sealing the border is a reasonable position that re-confirms our nation’s top priorities.

    The disturbing fact that President Obama does not believe the border can ever be secured “only with fences and border patrols…it’s just too vast” ( only further complicates the crucially important federal duty of safeguarding all Americans.

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