Some Choice Words on Manning and Julian Assange

One of the sites I like to read is Legal Insurrection, which is actually my first successful link. Prof. Jacobson had some choice words for Julian Assange and those leftists who see the WikiLeaks assault as something justificable:

Defenders of WikiLeaks have constructed a justification that Manning is just another Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame someone who sought to bring truth to the historical account of major events, and Assange as merely a conduit.  Since Ellsberg is something of a folk hero to the left, the comparison has a superficial appeal.Thanks go out to Floyd Abrams, one of the premier First Amendment lawyers in the country (and a Senior Partner at the law firm I worked at right out of law school) who represented The NY Times in the Pentagon Papers case, for destroying the Ellsberg analogy. 

The rest of the post is on Prof. Jacobson’s site for Weds Dec. 29 and is well worth reading. It is sad that the left is so bereft of quality leaders that it elevates sick people to pedestals.

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