Berekely Loses “Green Energy” Company to Missouri

From Bloomberg comes the news that Nordic Windpower, a maker of two-bladed wind energy turbines, is packing up soon and moving from Berkeley to Kansas City, Mo.

You can read it here:

This was announced just in time for New Years. There is some sense that if Berkeley can’t keep a “green energy” business in California, then the world is upside down.

Personally, I am not convinced wind energy is the way of the future. I think thorium and common sense will prevail. More on that soon. I keep reading that wind power is inefficient and depends too heavily on government subsidies.  There are also enviromental, ascetic and other concerns. T. Boone Pickens reportedly has pulled out of his grandiose wind power plans. It appears that Missouri made a full court press to get this company, and that the Missouri  governor was deeply involved in bringing Nordic Windpower to Missouri.

Which leaves me with two slightly contradictory impressions:

1) Although President Obama and most Democrats have campaigned on “green energy” as the hope of our future and the maker of thousands of jobs, Nordic Windpower is not expanding to Missouri, it is moving. California is losing 200 tech jobs when we were supposed to be greening and basking in thousands of new tech jobs. We have been “blessed” with probably the greenest governor and senators around. Yet all of that doesn’t translate into the bounty of jobs promised. It seems we are tussling over 200 jobs and Missouri is crowing about getting them.  In theory, “they” should be beating down doors to get here. Boo!

2) The business cycle still works. Sort of. Nordic Windpower is going to Missouri precisely because Missouri wants it there and will “incentivize” its move. That just means Missouri will make a less than friendly business cycle more friendly artificially, (and probably with tax dollars)  but in these days it counts. I guess. Businesses still go where the grass is greener (no parens needed) and that is what Nordic Windpower did. Score 1/2 for basic economics. Yay!

Q: What kinds of companies will come here if the Gov. Brown gets as active as the Missouri governor did? Or will we lose more?

So it looks like the state billed as the “greenest” and most “progressive” just got punked by the state that, if memory serves me, was the last declared for McCain in 2008. But then,does that mean 200 more “progressives” escape their Left Coast cage and pod their way into the Midwest?

Lots to mull over…

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2 Responses to Berekely Loses “Green Energy” Company to Missouri

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  2. kim says:

    If those 200 employees in Cali are liberal democrats, send them on over!

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