Brown May Choose To Pass on Traditional State-Of-The-State Speech

He hasn’t quite said “No,I won’t! ”   – yet.

I can’t help but think this is Democrat for “Yes, it is just as bad as you think it is…if not much worse.”

Our constitution requires some form of report to the legislature, which has usually been a speech but apparently does not need to be a formal address.  But this quote is trouble with a capital T:

“We’re trying to do things that are authentic to him and his view of the job,” said advisor Steven Glazer.

This is the Jerry Brown that we knew as “Moonbeam” distilled into a single sentence. He is self-righteous and his view of the job is what counts, not what the job is. We all know that although he is governor and governor’s have a specific job description that is all out the window if it is “unauthentic” to him and “his view of the job.” 

This is a kind of cancer that he has infected us with. Traditionally, people take a job and do what the job requires. He and his ilk seek the job, but have no intention of doing specific aspects of the job – no matter how clearly those aspects are spelled out. This is how we get attornies general who won’t enforce laws which they don’t approve of, and governors who are more concerned about being “authentic” to themselves and their view of what the job should be than in doing the hard work. Then they find lawyers who agree with their world view and appoint them to judgeships. They simply refuse to enforce laws by judicial fiat. Suddenly we are slipping and no one knows why.

Arnold was no great shakes as a governor – I think he left with a deserved 22% approval rating. It is truly sad to say that we will miss him.


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