Dems Say “Roll Over” on Health Care

Incoming House Speaker John Boehner says the much mailigned health care bill is square in the sights of the new house. “Don’ t Bother” is the Democrat mantra. By their sick logic once a bill, however bad, is passed, it is all over. I hope not.  I think the author of this post hopes not too:

One choice quote:

Look at any other consequential piece of legislation, and the record is brimming with sober congressional investigations into its legal merits and ramifications. ObamaCare? It was a largely unread, 2,700-page fiend—crafted in secret, fed on deal-making, birthed on late-night votes. The Senate and House judiciary committees didn’t hold hearings. The record is bereft of letters from congressional chairmen requesting Justice Department legal analyses of the bill. Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus actually ruled out of order an amendment that would have required expedited judicial review of the individual mandate. Asked about the bill’s constitutionality, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s only retort was: “Are you serious?”

What a pair of quotes. The author is serious minded, Pelosi is simply taken aback by a question. I think she gets that way when asked a question she doesn’t understand. Her mental process may as well have been “Constitution? What is that??”  To think that such an unserious woman was the first female speaker. But then she is from California which will either fall into the sea or be cut adrift by the rest of the nation.

Kimberly Strassel is noting the same pattern Victor Davis Hanson notes: a rush to pass legislation that is unread and unconsidered. Doing that with health care is bad, but we have done it with START and that could lead to war.

This is a dangerous mental attitude we need to stop right now. Deliberate before action.

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