Thorium Bill – Short and Sweet

Unfortunately, I can’t post the draft of the bill, but a quick look is promising.

Here are a few notes:

The purpose of the bill is to amend current law to allow the use of thorium as a fuel in nuclear power plants. It then sets up some administrative requirements and reporting standards.

The good news is that the benefits of thorium are spelled out. Senators Hatch and Reid recognize that thorium nuclear plants meet several important national goals:

– Thorium is not a viable source of nuclear weapons. So it is in line with non-proliferation goals.

– It does not create greenhouse gases. Use of thorium can render “global warming” issues moot.

– It is abundant and the technology is proven.

– The U.S. is a leader in thorium research and development.

– Various U.S. firms are able to build and develop the “new” technology.

 Apparently thorium based plants don’t generate dangerous nuclear waste and they can be used to recycle already existing waste. They are clean and efficient. If you followed the link from my earlier piece to Karl Denninger’s comments on thorium you will see that such plants are also very stable and not subject to real or fanciful accidents.

Looks promising

I hope to have more soon.

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