Leave Sarah Palin and Barack Obama Out of the Arizona Tragedy!

Six people have been murdered in a violent crime in Arizona by a deranged gunman. Our thoughts, prayers and support must go to the victims and their families, not toward making political points.

The gunman appears to have been fully deranged and “anti-government” and even possibly left-leaning (based on his reading list and recollections of friends). So what. He was almost certainly paranoid and deranged.

As for the Palin connection: most politicians use hunting, gun or other “violent” analogies. It’s part of the game. She did “target” her opponents. Again, so what?

 President Obama and his supporters are “worse:” for they consciously quote from 1987’s The Untouchables a violent Brian dePalma filma in which Sean Connery consistently talks about the Chicago Way as the utter and complete destruction of enemies.  “they bring a knife, you bring a gun” is appealing to Rahm, President Obama and their circle. Again, so what?

It is political talk and nothing else. It does not create crime. In fact it is well parodied in  Warner Bros. cartoons where (for example) Daffy Duck and Marvin the Martian one-up each other in a spiral of increasing violence that ends with the destruction of the very planet they stand on.

Think of, pray for and do something for the victims and their families don’t spew hate at Sarah Palin because she used common political terms ( do we really mean we are going to beat, annihilate or crush someone we are contending with?) and we can discuss later the depth of meaning of President Obama and his circle’s  use of the knife/gun analogy. Perhaps that is a truly unfortunate analogy he and his friends make.   Now is not the time  to discuss it.

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