It Was Not Sarah Palin, Not the Tea Party, and Not Healthcare

We still need more facts and an unimpeded investigation.


Even though it is still early in the Arizona Massacre,  the facts are quickly moving away from the media narrative. The AP was talking Tea Party right out of the gate which is indeed shameful. At least since the Death of Princess Diana the media has collectively established a narrative and tried to stick to it until they trip over facts.

Remember how that drunk-driving fatal (obvious to the French police) turned into the “reverse Cinderella” story with photogs hounding her to her death?? Same here. The media has ceased to report facts and add to facts as they get them, instead it promotes a storyline that, apparently, would make a better film.

The killer now appears as more left than right, wholly delusional and someone with a grudge against the wounded congresswoman. That grudge dates from 2007. In ’07 Sarah Palin was barely known outside of Alaska, the Tea Party was undreamed of and the health care boondoggle was merely a nightmare and not incipient reality.

You can go here and there are links.


UPDATE: 1/17/11

He was a Bush hater, he read Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto and he was apolitical and crazy as a loon. That is about where it stands.

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One Response to It Was Not Sarah Palin, Not the Tea Party, and Not Healthcare

  1. My impression of this nut is that he is really apolitical, psychotic and delusional. To speculate- or even mention and re-mention alledged affiliations only continues the falsehood that anything besides his own twisted psychosis influenced him to act.

    For the sake of everyone and the country, I think both sides need to drastically tone down the heated rhetoric. Using combat terms during political jousting- something both sides routinely do- is indeed legal, but possibly very unwise. It just adds to the general acrimony in ways that tarnish the entire social discourse regarding governance and public policy.

    That said, I do not think Palin, Obama, Left, Right, and pot smoker are relevant issues to this psychopathic crime. The shooter is responsible for his deadly actions, everything else is a distraction that takes us away from any new insights and towards senseless partisan conflict and finger-pointing. I believe The Folks have had enough fighting from both sides at this point, and perhaps the extremes of partisanship are what truly threatens our enduring but troubled American Dream: it’s too easy now for one side or the other to forget we are ALL Americans, and that tyranny is winning globally, and liberty is losing.

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