Greece Plans Wall to Help Deal With Illegal Immigrants

According to the Daily Mail Greeks have “had it” with illegal immigration from Turkey and are planning a substantial wall to help control the problem.

Even the European Union (EU) is on board with stopping illegal immigration from Turkey, the root of the problem. The EU actually has troops at the border helping the Greeks police the 128 mile zone. The troops will stay until March while plans are made to properly control the problem. During one key month the officials estimated the rate of entry at 245 a day.  And they said this:

“But while the deployment of troops on the border has been extended until March, the EU Commission said barriers such as that proposed by the Greek government were not the solution to the issue.

A spokesman said on Monday that for the EU Commission said that such proposals were ‘short-term measures which will not allow us to tackle illegal immigration in a structural manner’.

‘We made clear with Greece that the country needs sound and long-term structural reforms and measures to better manage its border, to better address the challenges linked to migration flows,’ Michele Cercone said.

‘It is important that these borders… are managed in order to discourage and interrupt traffickers and smugglers that exploit (illegal immigrants).”

The article isn’t crystal-clear but it indicates that we are by no means alone in having a severe illegal immigration problem, we aren’t the only people angry about it and there is nothing unusual about Americans working to control their borders. If the EU feels 245 people a day justifies the sending of troops, what is keeping us from serious efforts to control our borders?

Oh, and they call it “illegal immigration” pure and simple.

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