California Storms Can Rival Earthquakes, List of Potential Disasters Grows

 You can add catastrophic storms to earthquakes and fires as potential disasters for Californians to face. Scientists now think the potential for super destructive storms is real and can rival earthquakes – if not surpass them in damage.

Until the recent tsunami in Asia, tsunamis were not considered likely locally. That has changed too. They now are recognized as a threat along the entire West Coast, although they don’t occur frequently.

The good news is that preparation for one disaster is pretty much the same as preparation for the others. For tips on how to prepare check out these two sites:

The first is the website for the Los Angeles Fire Department’s CERT program, the second is from FEMA. Both are chock full of useful emergency preparedness information and links.

If you want to go further:

Don’t forget your green hard hat!

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