Gov. Brown’s Natives Are Restless…

Well, well, well..

As you by now know, the governor has proposed what to him must seem an austerity budget. I don’t think it goes far enough, but OK.

To some of his most fervent base, however, the proposed budget is horrific beyond measure, because it would can “redevelopment” agencies.

Here is an interesting passage from the linked article:

“Most of the city’s losses would come from the elimination of the Santa Monica Earthquake Recovery Redevelopment Agency. That agency culls monies from tax bills when property values go up.

Borne  (cq) out of the rubble of the 1994 Northridge earthquake, the earthquake redevelopment agency currently accounts for most of the gross taxes going into the Santa Monica Redevelopment Agency coffers according to city staff.

The stated goals of the earthquake recovery agency “include addressing the revitalization needs of the commercial, residential and institutional structures damaged or impacted by the earthquake,” according to the city’s website.

But Earthquake Redevelopment Agency monies are used for myriad purposes going far beyond earthquake repair, and the projects city officials say are in jeopardy all fall within the Earthquake Redevopment Project’s boundaries, which enclose most of Santa Monica.

Gone will be hundreds of “affordable residences,” improvements to athletic facilities at Santa Monica High School, the proposed Palisades Garden Walk and a library in the Pico Neighborhood if the governor has his way, say city officials.”

OK, the earthquake was in 1994 so the legislature built a cash cow tax machine into the state allowing them to “cull” your dollars and spend them on many, many things including “affordable housing.” Affordable housing is an attempt to work around market economic forces and use taxpayers to subsidize housing costs for other people, some of them perhaps underpriveleged. It is 2011 and the tax machine is still working and the bees in the hive are worried because the bulldozer is headed their way.

Brown is poking a number of hives, I have met him and he can be stubborn. I hope he gets his back up on this and keeps poking.

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