To Arnold, Our Spendthrift “Addict:” Good Riddance!

I see the opening scene for the next Conan movie. Conan rides toward the camera on his donkey waving his broken sword while California burns in the background.

Arnold  Schwarzenegger, our governor since 2003, has granted a formal interview (link below) in which he says he lost $200 million of his own money and became “addicted” to the power of being governor. But he doesn’t regret a thing, no sir, and, apparently, wouldn’t miss a minute of it. Except for the part about having to work because that upset his wife and kids. So Mr. Green flew home from Sacto to LA every day.

How completely feckless.

Remember the tough talk when he appeared on the Tonight Show to announce he was running? Remember how he would “Save California.” ?? With four common sense inititiatives he didn’t really fight for? Remember the World War Two style roll up your sleeves and get to work style rhetoric?

Now he admits he couldn’t manage his own finances and was an “addict.” Great. How much more than $200 million has he cost us? His green initiatives alone will likely drive out that much business. How about the families of the people out of work? Arnold’s utter defeat at the hands of special interests and unions (remember the four sensible initiatives that he pushed – and how union pushback defeated them?) Have set the stage for the coming disaster. We have 12% unemployment and the worst business climate in the nation until Illinois took pity and swallowed poison,  a 66% income tax increase and a 46% business tax increase passed by a lame-duck legislature.

Now he is going out in true reality show style. Talking about the money he lost/spent and his “addiction,” pushing the Family Values button by talking about missing his wife and kids (this from the guy who at least allegedly was “Groper in Chief” – although some of that may have been bogus) and then dismissing his current frozen approval rating as a “snapshot.” 

Oh and he says that if he knew how bad it would be he would have cut money sooner! His entire campaign was based on saving us from disaster.

He rode into town cynically as a Hollywood “Star” who was going to be the next Reagan. I don’t think Reagan, a tough-guy movie star and Westerneer, used as much shoot-em-up language as he did. But Arnold  had no real moral compass and no real sense of what was needed, so he made up with the people who have been most responsible for the mess we’re in (of both parties) and coasted along.  California is like a canoe about half way over the falls, and he thinks his unpopularity is a “snapshot.
 He is Delusional.

This is also a good example of what happens when Californians listen to “centrist,” “Bipartisan,” “reach-across-the-aisle” Republicans.

Now our best hope is Gov. Jerry Brown, who at least this far out of the gate is refusing loans, talking budget cuts and alarming his base by threatening to show financial sense.  Victor Davis Hanson used the analogy that Brown is like Nixon, who could go to China precisely because he was a militant anti-communist.

 I think it is more like the last episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show when Ted the anchorman shows real moral courage for a brief moment. Mary later confides her disappointment in Ted to the head writer who says (paraphrasing here) “When a donkey flies you don’t complain because he didn’t get much altitude.”  Those wings are flapping and the donkey is braying and maybe, just maybe, there is daylight under the hooves…

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