What is With Hawaii’s Birther Governor??


CORRECTION: It is Philip J. Berg, not Philip A. Berg.

Since the advent of Barack Obama on the national political scene the behavior and pronouncements of politicians, pundits and the news media have become increasingly bizarre, even lunatic.  (Much More about that in following posts)

There are hundreds of examples, each of which has (0r should have) afficianados. You may vote for juxtaposing talk of an economic “recovery” with talk of allowing states to declare bankruptcy. Huh?  Someone else may think the most egregious example is listening to the very people who extol “the Chicago Way” (making sure you have your gun at the knife fight) calling for increased “civility” and claiming that Sarah Palin’s targets on a map caused a murderous rampage. Or is the worst example the mere idea you can tax and spend your way to prosperity from the depths of the “Great Recession.” ? How can people even talk about that with a straight face?

But I argue that the Battle Over the Birth Certificate has launched more lunacy than any other political topic of the last three years. The most bizarre development in this political circus is the recent entry by Hawaii’s Governor, Neil Abercrombie.

Let’s take a step back. This is a Democrat vs Democrat battle and began in the summer of 2008 when Pennsylvania Democrat and ardent Hillary Clinton supporter Philip A. Berg filed suit  against then candidate Obama alleging that he failed the tests for Natural Born Citizenship. Berg filed his suit in order to derail the Obama candidacy in favor of Hillary Clinton and made no bones about it. He filed his suit about a week before the Democratic convention and seemed genuinely surprised that no court took it up in time. In fact, the judge didn’t rule against him until election eve. 

You can make your own minds up about the veracity and legal worth of Berg’s lawsuit or the lawsuits that followed in its wake. Berg is something of a “Truther” as well as the founding “Birther.” But the idea that you are racist or insane for even showing curiosity about the causes of action is itself a form of dangerous lunacy.

This particular battle simmered along for more than two years.  During that time it became abundantly clear that Hawaiian privacy law would not permit the release of any birth certificate related documents without President Obama’s consent, which was not forthcoming.

Enter Democrat  Neil Abercrombie and the whole matter took a truly strange series of twists. The newly-elected governor said he would begin discussions to see if Hawaii could release more information about President Obama’s birth. Rational people knew they could not, and had known this at least since January, 2009. But striving to do the very thing so-called Birthers requested, somehow did not make Abercrombie a Birther. Somehow, by urging the very thing the Birthers wanted, he was, at least to other Democrats, “an anti-Birther.”

Of course, as the link shows, we are back to square one because, as we all knew, Hawaiian privacy laws do not allow the release of documents without the consent of the party involved, who will not consent.

If there were an Abercrombie quote it would be something like this: ” I am not a Birther, you know, but since you Birthers are demanding to see the President’s Birth Certificate which he will not show you, I will demand to see it too and prove to you he won’t show it to me either.”

Evidently, the new governor thinks that the way to let a rumor die down is to stir it up, give it publicity and then return empty handed to the status quo.

And he is a governor?  Oh, but I can’t be too criticial, we re-elected Jerry Brown.

I think we are in Wonderland.



Now there is an audiotape from a radio show making the rounds. Mike Evans, who claims to have been close to Neil Abercrombie, says Abercrombie admits there is no birth certificate.  How much more credence will this give to the “scandal” the Democrats have created among themselves?

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