How Many Times Did Abercrombie’s Friend “Misspeak?”

This is rich.  Mike Evans unequivocally said his claimed friend Hawaiian Gov. Neil Abercrombie could not find President Obama’s Birth Certificate and that the document does not exist. He then retracted his statement, implying that he made a one-time misstatement.  An understandable “Ooops!”

Apparently, however, he was on 34 radio stations talking about the issue and said essentially the same thing on several, possibly all 34.

My point is being proven again and again. We have descended into a form of collective madness. Our politicians do not respect either the law or the constituent’s wishes, the journalistic classes are incompetent and mendacious and the courts look at the law as something to bend rather than something to uphold.

Here we have a Hawaiian governor who is incompetent or mendacious, a serial liar who is allegedly both a friend and a journalist and governmental authorities who simply cannot get it right. At the center is a president who will simply not release relevant records from his past. His birth certificate, his educational records, his legal records, his medical records, and his records of public service are all riddled with lacunae.

Yet the simple act of asking for records is considered crazy or racist. Meanwhile, the Alaska attorney general has set a firm date for the release of all of Sarah Palin’s emails. Palin is the very woman whose garbage was probably searched by Democrat operatives when she was under fire on trumped-up ethics charges. Now, they will pore over thousands of e-mails looking for ammunition yet circle the wagons against the release of any of President Obama’s relevant records.

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