Preparing for Hyperinflation?

The blessing and curse of the internet is the ease with which authoritative looking websites can be set up. Some are genuinely authoritative. I don’t know who runs the National Inflation Association, but I found it interesting, perhaps because some of their articles echo things I have read elsewhere. They do seem to have an interest in selling things, not that selling things is bad. We need to do that, boy do we.

They seem committed to the idea that hyperinflation poses a serious risk to the future of our economy. In a hyperinflation scenario the price of a loaf of bread can go from $2 to $10 overnight. And keep rising. That would be a disaster.

The other risk is deflation, more commonly known as depression, and I have seen cases made that a deflationary spiral is a likely outcome of the current economic “policy” in Washington. 

I am not economist enough to know what happens when hyper-inflationary pressures such as severely spiking energy costs meet deflationary pressures such as high unemployment and a collapse of the housing market. We may find out.

At any rate, the NIA site is linked and I hope you find something there of interest.

One final comment: They have a post on the potential collapse of the college
“industry.” Costs have been rising even in a recession and the sense of value received may be falling. Several sites I have read are warning about a coming collapse of the college education industry.

It is not good news because education and medicine are two of the areas in which we are still world leaders. The likely negative impacts of the current health care law and the potential collapse of the university industry have profound world-wide implications. They are not good implications.

Hope your weekend is good!

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