Brown to Give State of the State After All…Daunting Challenges Face Him

According to the Los Angeles Times print edition, Gov. Jerry Brown will deliver a state of the state speech today after all. As noted earlier, he was waffling on the idea and his staff was not sure it was “authentic” to him…

Brown’s speech is not expected to be full of new detail, the paper said. Instead, Brown  will reiterate his budget plan and try to work to implement it. Brown wants what he considers huge budget cuts coupled with an extension of taxes set to expire to help save a state that is essentially out of money.

How hard the political establishment will fight for or against budget cuts and tax increases is unknown. The Times says Brown is personally opposed to “scaring” the public with threats of selling state parks or shuttering campuses, but his base may not be so picky. Tax opponents are against any extension of the upcoming taxes, but Brown believes a 53% majority supports his approach.  Hard-core tax opponents may dig in their heels and fight hard against tax extensions which are due to be voted on in a special election.

I think the real problem isn’t being mentioned. As I said earlier, this is a “statist” budget designed to save the current state government in its current form and at about its same size. We need to downsize this monster, which means shutting down agencies, getting back to core functions and minimizing, not maximizing. Instead, Brown appears to be coming from the position that the government we have is all necessary and we must preserve it. The admittedly imperfect analogy I use is a hive in inclement weather. It is only inactive, not smaller and fully intends to burst forth and even grow when the weather turns clement again.

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