Did Sen. Schumer Flunk Civics? And Economics?


This is a video of Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY)

I think the purpose folks had in posting this video was using the senator’s own words to raise the question “Does this man know his civics?” He gets his three branches of government garbled. Badly. Hint to the senator: Executive, Legislative,Judicial.

But worse is what he is trying to say. He is blaming the Republicans for actions that he says might shut down the government, when the government is at risk of being shut down by the financial markets because of its spendthrift ways. We may have to shut the beast down intentionally because an unintentional shut down is worse. He gets it backward. He says the credit markets may lose confidence in the US if Republicans in Congress demand fiscal sanity. Alert to Sen. Schumer, the credit markets have already lost confidence. It is whether our credit collapses that is the issue.

Here is a good example of what I have been talking about. A US Senator who is at least a little uncertain of his civics playing politics with an incredibly important issue it isn’t clear he understands. Our debt bubble is bad enough it could take down our economy almost over night and he wants to blame the Republicans rather than face the fact we are going to have to do some serious axing to save ourselves. And he wants to lecture us about the three branches of government and he may not be clear in his own mind what they are. Yet they say the Tea Party is a danger….

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