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More Bad News on Economic Future… When I first started reading The Market Ticker and Sense on Cents I thought the two authors were far apart in their economic assessments. Karl Denninger has always been acerbic with a knack for a scathing turn of Doomsday … Continue reading

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Few Seem to Believe Economy is On The Right Track… There is a famous and very cynical saying attributed to various dictators (and perhaps to all of your political opponents of any stripe) that holds that if you tell a big enough lie, people will eventually believe it. Currently, the … Continue reading

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From The “If A Republican Did This” File….Look What Soros Just Did!

Just as there is a level of hypocrisy that moves beyond hypocrisy into another realm entirely, there is a level of conflict of interest that is above and beyond the definition of the term.– So here is an ultimate … Continue reading

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Democrat Spills Beans on Why They Want Illegal Immigration OK, there are lots of ways to parse this series of quotes and attack the sentiments behind them. A very good case can be made for racial and ethnic insensitivity. Or even racism, although I don’t like to hurl … Continue reading

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California/National Economic Forecasts for 2011: Pessimist #3 I suppose there should be a category beyond pessimism , but I will stick with the word. Monty Pelerin is one of a number of analysts who feel this congress and this administration are toying with abject collapse and … Continue reading

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Five Minutes to Midnight In California

 I believe Napoleon was the genius (I mean that unironically) who said that insanity consists of making the same mistake a second time and expecting a different result. Here in California we have done that and more. Last November gave us … Continue reading

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On “Banana Equivalent Doses,” Thorium, Science and Green Dogma UPDATE: When I referred to the “sun’s radiation” I was referring to sunlight as a form of radiation. I realize X-rays, Cosmic Rays and other parts of the  radiation spectrum are not  healthful to humans. That is the most … Continue reading

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