Multiculturalism is Losing its Support in Europe, Will California Wise Up?

Living in California is, or was, “living the dream.” For most people that meant reaching a pursued goal that seemed totally out of reach.  Today, it means trying to confront reality with a false internal vision stubbornly held. Like taking your clothes to the laundromat without any money, knowing “something will happen” to make it all work out.

The post above would have been comforting ten or twenty years ago. If Europe had been wise enough to state out loud what has been obvious for at least that long, we would be on a road to recovery rather than worrying whether it is too late.

Here in California we are living with the irony that Gov. Jerry Brown seems to be trying to awaken the dreamers who voted him in. Extreme liberal democrat politics are bankrupting us and even subjecting us to danger. Yet no one seems to be stepping forth and acknowledging the failure of either the policies or the worldview behind them. All of the university buzzwords, multiculturalism, relativism, education, unionism,progressive, change, are all still in place and stubbornly held. Meanwhile, the porous borders are getting more dangerous, various ethnic groups simply refuse to assimilate, education results are tanking, the state is functionally bankrupt and… get the picture.

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