“Texas Mystery” (Illegal Immigration From India) Baffles L.A. Times

The print edition of the L.A. Times has a front page article 2/6 about what they call a “Texas Mystery.” Evidently thousands of people, mostly young men, are fleeing India and arriving in the U.S. illegally. An unknown number are being caught and “processed” which doesn’t really mean deported.

The Times takes a scratch-your-head-and-ask-why approach to the subject and says at least twice that it is a mystery “why” they are coming here. Yet, they quote some of the trespassers  as saying they are fleeing oppression at home and are willing to pay up to$20,000 to sneak in. Let the relatively huge amount of disposable cash sink in.

Answer to “Why?”: Because the U.S. is a (still but slipping) First World country with a porous border. A country whose Democrat Party doesn’t get it. A country that will allow 1 million people to come in legally annually  and still thinks it has some obligation to allow an unknown number of trespassers in. A country that permits cities to flout its immigration law and sues its states who try to enforce that law.

Either the new trespassers have gotten the memo from the Obama Administration and know that wealth is to be shared or they are more traditional Indians and expect the opportunity to earn wealth in relative safety. If they can sneak in.

 We are killing the golden goose by driving wages down and degrading our environment and filling the nation with trespassers who have not be held to account and expect to be here without any assimilation required.  It is expected that we will learn their language and close on their holidays and stand around while they tell us how bad it is  because they can’t find the foods they ate in the homeland they fled.  If questioned they shout that  we are cultural chauvinists because we expect them to come here legally and follow our norms.

I am glad the Times published the article. It adds another whole dimension to the madness that is our open-border policy. Millions of people from all over moving to an open border simply because they can get away with it. People who will work for almost nothing and thus drive wages down.

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