…You Can Already Add Another Big Item to our “Tab” “….


About three weeks ago Victor Davis Hanson wrote a piece titled “The Tab Comes Due in 2011” in which he outlined the potential disasters that face us as a nation and which have been ignored or “extended and pretended” up until now.

His thesis:

“On a variety of fronts — healthcare, the budget, defense and politics — we have heard lots of easy rhetoric the last two years. But now the reckoning comes due in 2011 — and it may be not a pretty thing to watch.”

I think we can add Egypt and the unraveling of the region to our “tab” with untold consequences yet to play out. This video is instructive:


The interview is obviously truncated, but the young woman makes her point: Anti-semitism is deeply ingrained in the entire region, Egypt included. It is naive beyond belief to think the Muslim Brotherhood is “moderate” in any meaningful sense.

I believe we are being gamed the same way were were gamed in 1979 when we were told that the Ayatollah Khomeini was a peaceful, religious leader who must be returned to Iran because he would be a stabilizing influence. Never mind his record and his transcripts.

It is beyond simply blaming President Obama. A feckless congress, deteriorating schools and young people who aren’t paying attention share blame. And then there is the media, which has so little institutional memory it simply cannot remember 1979. A media that is more focused on Super Bowl Sunday, the Grammys and the Country Music Awards than on understanding the Muslim Brotherhood and connecting the dots.

Add one more very expensive item to the tab…

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