Sarah Palin…a Long Way to Go on Immigration Issues

I like Sarah Palin and hope she does mature into a solid presidential contender. I believe she has done a good job of establishing her “brand.”  But she needs to do more, she needs to address specific issues and develop clear, conservative positions that Americans undersand and support.

In many cases she has not done so yet and this example from NumbersUSA is a clear look at the problem.

Currently, she is getting a D- from Numbers, which is a primary watch dog group fighting hard to control illegal immigration and out-of-control legal immigration. On a curve, that wouldn’t be so bad as the president gets and F- and the “Best” Republican is in the C range. It puts her right behind retiring U.S. Rep. Jane Harman, with a solid D. But some of us want to grade on merit, not curves.

The good news is that she simply hasn’t declared a position on lots of the sub issues, although she has taken an incorrect position on some of them. Apparently, she currently buys into the idea that we “need” lots of cheap labor immigrants. She has one excellent, one good and two bads. The rest are “unhelpfuls” meaning she has not added her voice to the fight on a number  of key issues.

I am hopeful she will take a careful look at the issues involved and reach some solid positions and move to the head of the class.

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