House Appears Ready to Defund Health Care “Reform”

There are also indications the bill has become a political albatross for Democrats who turned lukewarm a few months ago and now seem afraid to campaign on the law.

Not much to say except it is high time to start thinking of the alternatives and start finding ways to improve our health care system without turning it over to the same people who have created the fiscal bubbles we are dealing with – that is congress and government agencies.

That is the bottom line with government health care. If we can’t trust congres not to repeal sensible legislation (Glass-Steagall) while it passes bad legislation, we have a problem. If we can’t trust the government agencies whose job it is to prevent financial fraud (think the overseers of Freddie and Fannie) we have a worse problem. There are deficiencies in the health care system, but handing it over to unresponsive and frankly misfeasant politicos and bureaucrats isn’t going to help.  We will wind up with an expensive five-legged donkey.

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