Harman Resigns, Special Election Will Be Held

I have mixed feelings about the imminent departure of Jane Harman, D Cal-36. She is what would be called a “conservative” Democrat. As such she is infinitely better than those who have challenged her from the left of her own party. But she has a D in immigration issues from NumbersUSA.
At any rate, she is gone by the end of the month and the 36th will be unrepresented in Congress until Gov. Brown sets the date for a special election. I have mixed feelings about that, too. Congress seems to do so much harm that it sometimes seems wise to send them all home. Not having a congressmember may not be all bad. But not having your own voice in the halls can be a bummer too. The usual suspects in local politics will be jockeying for the job. I have heard one Los Angeles City Councilmember is already trying to jump into her chair. Great. Los Angeles is broke and misgoverned. Let’s send a councilmember to Washington!


Blogger Rick Moran has a note about Harman over at American Thinker. He considers her a strong “centrist” because of her foreign policy views. But her domestic policy views stink IMHO.

One can only hope we will get something better.


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