The Political Winds Are Still A’Shiftin’

The older piece linked below reports on a still-noticeable trend – retirements among politicians in the run up to 2012. Since that time one can add Sen Kyl (R. Az) and Rep. Harman (D. Ca 36) to the list of retirees. There are others, including a hapless Republican who pulled his plug after demonstrating bad judgment. Not to mention a prominent Democrat senator or two.

The Republican party seems to think it has an increasing shot at controlling the senate in 2012, and keeping the house. If Democrats really are jumping ship prior to hostile campaigns that may not be a pipe dream. The problem is, as always, what Republicans  intend to do with new-found political muscle. They seem to be making some headway at dismantling the health care “reform” package that was foisted on us. There also seems to be plenty of evidence that the economic “recovery” will be weak at best, and not the kind of tide to float Democrat boats. I am still waiting to see elected leaders of all stripes get the nerve to really tackle the economic issues that face us. When I see that I will know that the winds have shifted away from headwinds.

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