Health Care “Reform” Still Unpopular

The Weekly Standard says the health care law we were supposed to learn to love remains unpopular by a wide margin.

Is it any wonder?

The Congressional Budget Office has been on the hot seat about this bill from the beginning, revealing under oath “inconvenient truths” about the cost, impact, effect and value of the bill. The bill is worse than doing nothing and should be repealed and replaced with sensible legislation. This brief exchange illustrates some of the time bombs within it. If the projections are right the health care “reform” will be a job-killer years from now. Perhaps, but I am more concerned with the immediate impact.

The very  same people who have given us the economic bubbles that may destroy us are writing, enforcing and championing this monster. Do you really think that if you can’t trust Congress and the regulatory agencies to oversee Fannie and Freddie that you can trust them to oversee your health care? Mass. Rep. Barney Frank and assorted Democrats (and probably a few Republicans) watched while Freddy and Fannie went belly up. In fact, they are in part to blame for the bankruptcy.  Just weeks or days before the collapse Rep. Frank said everything was fine – words for which he is yet to be held to account.

Get rid of it.

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