Thorium Spotlighted as Part of Healthy Energy Future

The linked slide presentation was prepared by David Archibald, whose work on thorium recently appeared here.

Archibald has written a book that will be out soon on which the slideshow is based.

The slideshow is technical but well worth the time taken. It opens with a refreshingly sceptical view of what is now called “climate change” and moves on to other energy sources before discussing thorium about half way through. 

Archibald repeats a number of the arguments for thorium that I have featured here, but adds several more including transportation applications – ships, airplanes and cars – that I hadn’t been aware of.

His thesis, though, is worrisome. AGW, Climate Change, or Global Warming are a real threat – because they are the clubs being used to force us into using expensive forms of energy that will be rationed to us. That is a fate we need to avoid and about which he has suggestions.

Take some time and read his post on WattsUpWithThat. Below are two frames from the slideshow that highlight his thorium conclusions.

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