Five Minutes to Midnight In California

 I believe Napoleon was the genius (I mean that unironically) who said that insanity consists of making the same mistake a second time and expecting a different result.

Here in California we have done that and more. Last November gave us a golden opportunity to enact meaningful change and we re-elected Barbara Boxer and took a trip to the elephant graveyard to resurrect the gubernatorial hopes of a lackluster career politician who once was a bad governor. That Gov. Brown is even issuing talking points that suggest he has a glimpse of the scope of the problem indicates how vast it is. We compounded the problem this week by giving Ted Lieu a senate seat. Lieu is a green activist in a state top-heavy with green activists who are even driving green businesses out of the state. Businesses and people are fleeing the once Golden State so rapidly there is a price disparity on U-Haul trucks, according to S. Fred Singer at American Thinker:

“Good indicators of the outward migration are the prices of U-Haul vehicles.  To rent a 26-foot truck one-way from San Francisco to Austin costs $3236, and yet the one-way charge for that same truck from Austin to San Francisco is just $399.  Even so, U-Haul has to pay its employees to drive the empty trucks back from Texas.”

They want out, boy do they want out! 

And much of the reason they want out is the damage done to business by “environmentalists.”

“On top of all this, California suffers from the activities and malfeasance of CARB, the California Air Resources Board, run by Mary Nichols, a former assistant EPA administrator in Washington.  Further, the unelected CARB governing board is democratically unaccountable.  CARB has worked to impose a cap-and-trade program for CO2 emissions, a tighter set of automobile efficiency standards, and to top it off, a renewable electricity standard requiring utilities to purchase 20% of their electric power from solar and wind by 2020.  Any of these programs if enacted, would raise the cost of living, and would affect primarily low-income groups — except that those groups are all covered by welfare programs.  So guess who pays for all this?  “


Be it duly noted that Lieu is a darling of the enviros and received the California League of Conservation Voters endorsement. He is also described as an “insider” – precisely the kind of hack most Americans really want to send packing.

So Lieu joins the senate just as the above-mentioned Mary Nichols and company are touting AB32, which is still on track to go into effect:

“The state’s climate change law could have been called the “California Petroleum Use Reduction Act,” Mary Nichols, California’s top climate change regulator, joked last year.

The state is the third biggest user of gasoline in the world, after the U.S. as a whole and China, but drivers can change emissions very quickly — by leaving the car in the garage or buying a new, more efficient, car.

“You are just trying to get people to drive less, effectively, which is probably going to be quite expensive,” said Sikorski of Barclays.

Auto fuels are pulled into the cap-and-trade system in 2015. Gasoline prices are sure to rise as distributors are forced to buy carbon permits.”

You can read the executive summary of AB32 here:

Essentially, it is a cap-and-trade law passed for California and championed by our former governor. It is designed to downsize our state economy, although that is not how it is described. The voters had the opportunity to delay it until the economy improves, but chose not to last November. November 2010 may well go down as the date we could have stopped the slide but chose to accelarate instead. Meanwhile, buy stock in U-Haul or get yourself a franchise if they are offered. Or hook up with a relative out of state and start your own truck rental business. It’s the Gold Rush in reverse, so get cracking!

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