Democrat Spills Beans on Why They Want Illegal Immigration

OK, there are lots of ways to parse this series of quotes and attack the sentiments behind them. A very good case can be made for racial and ethnic insensitivity. Or even racism, although I don’t like to hurl that charge around.

But I am taking a different tack. This is simply the racially insensitive form of classic American Liberal dogma: illegal immigrants take jobs Americans don’t want. The latter way of saying it is academic spin (supposedl;y backed up by studies in journals)  designed to make it less objectionable, and in classic “Progressive” style, avoid saying what you really mean.

In some sense Sen. Ford should be congratulated for letting the cat out of the bag. So-called “Progressives” are no less racist or insensitive than anyone else. They may not talk about “lazy white people” but they will talk about jobs Americans won’t do – I guess they have never watched Dirty Jobs. Once in a while the guard slips and their innate prejudices show through. Sen. Ford doubtless thought he was being “Progressive” by acknowledging hard work done by Mexicans. I am just old enough to remember the phrase ” a credit to his race.” For his own sake, Sen. Ford shouldn’t use that phrase anytime soon.

You can connect the dots from the quotes and see why Sen. Ford wants lots of Mexicans “around.” Cheap labor, anyone?

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