From The “If A Republican Did This” File….Look What Soros Just Did!

Just as there is a level of hypocrisy that moves beyond hypocrisy into another realm entirely, there is a level of conflict of interest that is above and beyond the definition of the term.

So here is an ultimate insider, Soros, setting up a hedge fund to profit off of “energy initiatives” paid for with tax dollars and backed by people he funded into office. So we are now George’s ATM. He has the attention of officeholders and our money. What could be wrong with that?

Think of the howls we would have heard if a Republican president did this. However, Soros is “Green” (in some sense other than money?) so his actions are by definition “good.”

If you check my archives you will see this is actually the “Chicago Way” and we have seen it before. I posted about President Obama’s chummy relationships with slum lord developers in Chicago. This is from the same playbook. They contributed to his election campaigns to state and federal office. In return he helped get them tax money for housing developments which turned out to be slums. Many had to be bulldozed.  The losers? the poor people living in slum housing and the tax payers. The winners?  The developers and the president. So here is the same game. Soros helps put President Obama in office and in return gets tax money for “green energy.” There are a million ways from Sunday Soros can make money off the deal – but one big class of investors (the biggest, actually) is left out. That would be the taxpayers. The “green energy” plans will also drive the cost of conventional energy up to hype the profits of the green energy. We lose. In the true “Chicago Way” the product delivered that was paid for by tax money is useless to boot. Think of a solar company that sucks up tax dollars to prop it up while George fleeces the investors. And connives to force consumers to use his products, which don’t work very well.

BTW David Freddoso’s next book “Gangster Government” is out April 4. Freddoso’s first book “The Case Against Barack Obama” was a level-headed assessment of our president’s career and his actual political background. In that book Freddoso argued that our current president was a run-of-the-mill machine politician from Chicago. It wasn’t a scathing attack and its premise was that you could expect him to behave as president as he did in Chicago and that behavior would be Chicago style.  Based on the title of his new book I suspect his attitude has hardened. Gangster Government can be pre-ordered at Amazon.

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