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Dogbert Hits Nail On Head A good laugh on the idea of Green Technology… Environmentalism: Utopianism, False¬†Doomsday Scenarios, Wishful Thinking, Government Aggrandizement, Psuedo Science¬†and Bullying all rolled up into one unattractive ball. Advertisements

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Let’s Open The Discussion On Entitlement Reform….Because We Have To Do Something…. I was reading Karl Denninger’s post above and decided to link to it. It is a point by point discussion of the issue and what we have to do. I think the Democrats are frequently dishonest when the issue … Continue reading

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A Reminder About The Nuclear Disaster That Isn’t….And The Economic Disaster That Is… I was for some years a journalist in what is now called “the mainstream media.” It was years ago, but the inaccuarcy, hysteria, pandering, over hyped reporting and drift toward sensational celebrity watching were all evident then. Now it … Continue reading

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Analyst Spells Out Risks Inherent In Surging Deficit, Calls For Immediate Action

Larry Doyle of Sense on Cents agrees that the fiscal outlook is bleak unless we act and act now to rein in our out-of-control government. Here is a choice quote: “While Ben Bernanke and his minions at the Federal … Continue reading

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Judge Delays California Cap And Trade

Despite the fact that it is pointless and doesn’t work…”environmentalists” including “Republican” Arnold Swarzenegger all back various forms of cap and trade. They are failing elsewhere and are savage detriments to economic growth, but oh well let’s be “progressive.” A … Continue reading

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Illegal Aliends Dressed As U.S. Marines Are Seized At Border…What Could Possibly Go Wrong…. It isn’t headline news in the U.S., but in Britain they are reporting the arrest of 13 illegal aliens all dressed as U.S. Marines. A security and sovereignty issue all rolled into one. There are, as always, environmental impacts … Continue reading

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“Global Warming” Worsened Tsunami? IPCC Chief Makes Bizarre Claim

It’s not really a very clear statement, but the head of the IPCC seems to be claiming that a 17 centimeter sea-level rise over the last century worsened the impact of the recent Japan tsunami. ??? Here is the quote: … Continue reading

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