Michael Moore Incites Unrest…No One Seems To Notice

My last post was about Michael Moore’s interview in which he gave the “intellectual” case justifying theft. You can find it below easily. In effect, he said, “what’s ours is ours and what’s yours is ours, too.”

I’m wondering why so little comment on this incendiary remark. Yes, it was on Drudge for awhile but it didn’t get very much play. At least I haven’t noticed much. Perhaps it is because the quote rambles and is inelegant, unlike “property is theft” a quote that has been hanging around for a few decades and is both succinct, immoral, and filled with unintended meaning.

Perhaps it seems too outlandish to take seriously.  This is a  man who is not well either physically or mentally and he can be dismissed as a man ranting gibberish. Perhaps many people are just shaking their heads and turning away.

Or perhaps no one wants to admit it has gone this far, leftists and Muslims in alliance to attack the West on all fronts.  Abetted by entitlement notions that have gone so far as this. Moore’s comments suggest “we,” “the poor” or “the people” are entitled to things no one in this country has yet suggested entitlement to. That is the very income of wealthier people. 

It is possible that most people assume Moore is referring to the “lifestyles of the rich and famous” crowd when he castigates the rich. Many people dislike conspicuous consumption and others envy it. But if he succeeds in inciting those who feel entitled to other people’s wealth, watch out. As they move to take wealth away from that largely hypothetical group, how are the entitled going to react when they pass your rather modest Santa Monica home?

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