Amelia Earhart: Still Missing….

One of my first posts was about the headline news that TIGHAR, the group trying to prove Amelia Earhart made it to land and died a castaway, had found a bone that might have been one of hers.

Alas, DNA testing is inconclusive and it may be a bone from a sea turtle.

So, we are back where we were before. They have lots of “evidence” that they find compelling, but no hard proof. That is almost always the case with the stubborn contrarians who believe in alternate history.  As I noted in the earlier case I try to be dispassionate. I have my standards of evidence.  They have theirs, which you can read here:

The big elephant in the room remains: How did she get the 376 miles from Howland to (then) Gardner Island when she was out of gas? Earhart’s radio transmissions were powerful enough that searchers were convinced she was very close to Howland Island when her last transmissions were made. Her own statements at that time indicated she was low on fuel. Moreover, although the Electra had all the gas it could carry, everyone involved knew that the trip to Howland meant she would arrive running on fumes. Howland was a true do-or-die landing because of fuel issues. It is 2,556  miles from Lae, New Guinea (where she took off) to Howland. She had encountered headwinds that ate gas and she may not have been able to  completely fill the plane’s tanks.  None of the best estimates I have seen give her 376 miles of extra cruising. Somehow, if TIGHAR is to be believed, she traveled that distance and  then landed on an atoll.

As I said, give me some serious proof and I will pull the crow out of the freezer and slap mustard on it. I’ve done it before.

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