Study CERT to Prepare for Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters

The news is grim from Japan which has been hit by a monster earthquake. As you may know, much of the United States is also earthquake country, including places you might not think of such as Missouri and New York City.

If you live in Southern California you probably know that an earthquake about the size of the one in Japan is expected to hit us.

Wherever you live, you should be prepared.  Preparing for one natural disaster is preparation for almost anything nature can throw at us.

Here is an excellent site to turn to for reliable information:

The LAFD CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)  program began in the middle 1980’s as professional firefighters realized that during earthquakes and other natural disasters something like 80% of the rescues were performed by volunteers, not professionals.  A major quake in Mexico City brought home the lesson that brave, untrained volunteers seeking to aid people were very likely to be killed or injured.

The CERT program has spread nationally and internationally. CERT or a variant should be available nearly everywhere in the U.S. it is also available in some countries overseas. There are many fine disaster preparedness sites, including those run by the Red Cross and, the official federal information site. Now might be a good time to make plans for October’s “Shakeout” – the day on which Californians pretend the earthquake has hit.

Whichever site you turn to, it is very wise to be prepared….

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