Japan Pulls Off A Technological Miracle…Reactors Are Cooling…

The mainstream media is taking a break from Libya coverage to take note…


Japan embraced western science, technology and value systems beginning in the 1850’s. Critics may harp on the fact that they  have not always used their western ways well. Japan remained militaristic and imperialist until the end of World War Two.

The other side of the story is the sheer brilliance of their use of western technology to make millions of lives better across the world. They have also used nuclear technolgy wisely and have built what turn out to be incredibly safe reactors generating clean, safe power.

Today, Japan has announced that their engineers have taken a huge step toward cooling the reactors damaged in the tsunami/earthquake.

This appears to be a triumph of science, technology and courage that must be celebrated. It is also a time to remember that this was about the worst possible disaster that could have hit a nuclear reactor. Nevertheless, the leakage appears to have been relatively small and very well contained.

This is not the time to turn tail on science, technology and future development by abandoning nuclear power. It is a time to make it even safer and better by advancing to thorium based nuclear power.

Unfortunately, Japan’s travails are being pushed off the front page by the muddle in Libya…..

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