Judge Delays California Cap And Trade

Despite the fact that it is pointless and doesn’t work…”environmentalists” including “Republican” Arnold Swarzenegger all back various forms of cap and trade.

They are failing elsewhere and are savage detriments to economic growth, but oh well let’s be “progressive.”

A judge has stepped forward and delayed the madness no one else in the state seems able to stop. “Judicial Activism” isn’t  my cup of tea…but sometimes….

Of course, this being California, the judge is not delaying the regulations because they are pointless and don’t work, but because other “environmental justice” groups object to the specifics of the plan.

meanwhile…evidence mounts that carbon dioxide is not a problem…


Carbon dioxide is what comes out of our nostrils and it is what plants breathe. The idea that it is somehow a danger is far-fetched. It would need far more proof than so far offered. In fact, CO2 levels have been higher when average temps were lower and vice versa. The “climate change” models don’t work very well.

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