Study Contradicts A Basic Premise of “Global Warming….”

Some of the “experts” seem genuinely puzzled why support for the notion of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is lukewarm at best and appears to be falling worldwide. I think I have a few clues to the puzzle:

1) People are essentially sceptics. We all know that the current study will be contradicted by the next, as is the case here. Everybody who drinks coffee knows that there have been literally hundreds of studies, many completely contradictory. So people are a little unsure about the arm waving. Dubious is a good word.

1a) People are increasingly less likely to fully trust the Mainstream Media. They are well aware that the talking heads on tv are lead-ins for commercials and that sensationalism sells.

2) Beware the messsenger. Some people go for Doomsday messages, most don’t. The more times you scream “The Ice Caps Are Melting!” the less response you get.

3) People look out the window. It is increasingly hard to sell the AGW mantra when people have suffered through three or four hard winters in succession. The idea that it is getting colder because it is getting hotter doesn’t sell very well nor does the idea that the ice caps are melting at the pole during a season when snow is present in 49 out of 50 states and cold weather records are falling nationwide.

3a) It doesn’t pay to tell the people looking out the window that they are stupid little people unable to understand the big concepts you are propounding. If you were just a little smarter you would understand why it is freezing in Frostbite Falls at the exact same time it is warming at the North Pole. But don’t talk about the South Pole…where the ice seems to be increasing.

4) It may be true that the notion that the so-called “Greens” or “environmentalists” have our best interests at heart is being seen for what it is. Climategate and the antics of the billionaires behind many of the “global warming” pushes are blatant and people may be smelling rats. When you sit as the chair of the IPCC and also on the boards of corporations that would receive the windfalls from cap and trade legislation, people eventually notice. Most people “get” Conflict of Interest.

5) The shift in education toward business and economics based majors means that it is easier to explain to lots of people that the proposed solutions to “Global Warming,”  such as cap and trade, are hideously expensive and won’t work.

5a)There has also been a shift toward marketing, advertising and “communications” majors. All of these people know perfectly well how a story is manipulated.

There are more, but these struck me immediately.

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