That Didn’t Take Long…..Battle Over Long Form Continues….


You can read, argue, agree or refute at your leisure.  I will make one point: If you think the president is a devious liar of a lawyer who is as transparent as a brick wall then you may find merit in virtually any claim made at this link.

The alleged “clumsy forgery” of the released document is beyond me. Evidently the argument is that you can look at a document on a computer and determine how it was generated. I have no idea. The interesting anomaly to me regards the attending physician. If I understand the problem correctly, quoted  a news article from some years ago detailing a conversation with a now-deceased doctor who claimed to be the attending physician at Obama’s birth. His name is not even close to the name released as the attending physician on the newly released long form. Both physicians are dead. As a journalist I think that is a story. We will see if someone writes it. Meantime, on to other issues!

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