A Few Words On Donald Trump

I’m not making a joke when I say I am glad that I live in a country where any citizen can run for office, or try to. I am glad we do have the opportunity for bringing fresh genes into the political gene pool.

Having said that, I must say I have always been leery of Donald Trump for basically the same reasons I was leery of Ross Perot. I have never found convincing the theory that a billionaire who manipulated a corrupt system to make boatloads of money is somehow a great idea as a president.

Men like Trump and Perot have great strengths and I don’t begrduge them success. It is more that the tools they have that got them their success are not tools that I think lend themselves to running the country.

Trump is in a more difficult position because he is a real estate tycoon and real estate is especially prone to questioned if not questionable deals and bruised egos and feelings. It is also a problem for Trump because he has to lie down very intimately with the dogs that are driving us over the cliff to make the deals that garner him his fortune. Michelle Malkin seems to be a leading critic of Trump for precisely this reason. He has been part of the big government system and has enriched himself off of it and now he wants to do a hostile takeover.  I’ll pass on the bumpersticker.

He has a certain appeal, of course, because people are tempted by the logic that Mr. Fox is precisely the guy to go to if you want to fox proof the henhouse. It has been done before. If I recall Joseph P. Kennedy was tapped by Franklin Roosevelt to curb Wall Street because he knew how to navigate the back alleys. Of course there are two opinions on how that worked out. And, in the Old West, what today would be called ex-cons very frequently morphed into law enforcement personnel. With decidedly mixed results.  Billy the Kid for Sheriff??

The big puzzlement to me is how Trump is perceived a loser because he forced the birth certificate out into the open….it was a 2.5 year old case and going nowhere before he stepped on the scene and now it has been released. See earlier posts.

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