The Significance of the Birth Certificate Controversy Has Been Obscured, Lt. Col. Larkin Forgotten

This is a post by Bruce S. Thornton on the Victor Davis Hanson website:

I have followed the controversy with quite a bit of interest over the years. As a former member of the main stream media I was always puzzled by the coverage. Apparently, most media outlets tempered their news judgment. As long as they felt the story could hurt President (or candidate) Obama it was relegated to the back pages or even the funny pages. When a long form was released, voila! it became front page news.

Meanwhile, the significance of the issue was downplayed, ignored and even repudiated. Even among some conservatives.

Here is a quote:

“The enabler and abettor of this studied indifference to the past life of the most powerful man on the planet has been the media. Partly this reflects their rank hypocrisy, the way they protest their Olympian objectivity and exalted status as the “watch-dogs” of the republic, ever vigilant and ready to expose the secret abuses and machinations of the powerful, even as they shill for the Democratic Party and its various clients like trial lawyers, race-mongers, and public employee unions. Just compare the birther controversy — which the President could easily have defused three years ago by releasing the long-form certificate then — with the despicable, much more serious slander that claimed President George Bush knowingly lied about the presence of WMD’s in Iraq, getting Americans killed just so he could enrich the oil companies and his corporate cronies”

When I worked in the field there were two competing reasons why such a juicy story as the alleged inability of the Democratic candidate would be front page news. The first is that journalists were supposed to find the truth. If someone made a claim, investigate it. The second was a bot more cynical. There is always a story. It was either “Obama inelegible for White House” or “Lawyer Attacking Obama Caught in Lie.”

What wasn’t supposed to happen was what did in fact happen. The media was not supposed to come to a collective decision that there was no story and not report it. This was, after all, filed in federal court and, briefly, reached the Supreme Court, with a stop or two along the way at appeals court.

Moreover, what happened to Lt. Col. Larkin? What a human interest story! A man who sacrificed his career because he demanded the birth certificate. Now it is released and he is rotting in jail.

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