The Death of Osama….

The death of Osama Bin Laden is a good thing, long desired by Americans, and in some sense by bin Laden himself. It certainly doesn’t end the war with radical Islam, but it may be a milestone and it may provide evidence that radical Islam is weakening not gaining. We will see.

Unlike the left, I have no qualms that we went in and got him.  I think of Islamists primarily as pirates and saboteurs. They are outside the law of nations and have few, if any,’rights’ other than those we chooose to give.  Those ‘rights’ we give should not endanger our personnel. Funny, but Franklin Roosevelt felt the same way about German saboteurs, ‘werewolves’ dressed as GI’s, and Japanese infiltrators.

Giving ‘rights’ to people outside of any rational legal system whose goal it is to destroy you is not a good idea.

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