I Think I’ve Been Proven Right Already….


I love Legal Insurrection. Especially when he proves me right. I posted earlier that I believe the people turning out in the streets to celebrate the death of bin Laden were the people LEAST  likely to vote for President Obama.

Today, it turns out that the Obama supporters of this world are going to turn a senate investigation into a spotlight on the “inappropriate” and “devastating” use of the name “Geronimo” in connection with the mission. Praise the military if you absolutely have to and then subject them to death by a thousand cuts.

In other words, the Dems have given all the lip service they intend to give to the military and now they plan to attack. Using “Geronimo” as a code word goes back to the earliest days of the paratroops and is not “inappropriate” or “devastating” to people of normal sensibilities. It is, of course, anathema to the entitled and politically correct set.

This is why I can’t imagine ANY modern “Democrat” waving a flag or cheering the military. Hence no “bounce” for President Obama.

PS: If you follow the link you will see Geronimo the Apache warrior lauded as a great leader. BS. Lots of contemporaries are on record calling him a cut throat and a murderer. Ask the average Mexican about the Apaches. The Apaches murdered and enslaved Mexicans for several hundred years and made much of northern Mexico uninhabitable.

Our paratroopers seem to have forgotten the details of the war and any atrocities Geronimo committed. They used his name because whatever else you want to call him he was a brave warrior and a tough fighter and our paratroops wanted to emulate him in that regard. So it is actually the exact opposite of what these clowns think. “Devastating” and “Inappropriate” indeed. When we stop celebrating the military prowess of Native Americans by eliminating all references to warriors, braves and chiefs the natives will be completely invisible and totally forgotten.

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