The Jerry Brown Phenomenon Along The Border Is Bad News For Law Enforcement And For All of Us

The above article has been hanging around waiting for comment and what with family emergencies, etc. it has been hanging fire.

In a nutshell it points out that the federal government doesn’t bother prosecuting most illegal aliens who are arrested. This is in line with the rumors that the Obama coterie planned to get around any immigration crackdown by delaying disposition of cases and granting some kind of quasi legal permit to the arrestees while the case was held pending for years.

I call this the “Jerry Brown Phenomenon”  (JBP) because when he was elected governor the first time he made it clear he wouldn’t enforce the death penalty because he disagreed with it. He even appointed an anti-penalty judge to the state supreme court to make sure. In other words, he was elected to enforce a law, but the law was not to his taste so he wouldn’t fulfill his sworn duty. Citing, of course, “moral” grounds. And ignoring the questionable morality of accepting a job you have no intention of fulfilling.

This is true “progressive” fascism and has a lot in common with the jurisprudence of the German government betweent 1933 and 1945 (the N— years). I don’t want to use that particular n-word because it is usually misused and is itself inflammatory. But the German government during those years was dedicated to selective law enforcement.

Laws did or did not apply to you depending on the political goals of the jurist involved and the changing whims of the Party. It had nothing to do with the statute or the clear will of the people. The reasoning was identical. We don’t believe in this law, so we won’t enforce it. Or, we are imposing this law over your objections and we will enforce it. Becasue we believe in this law. (Health care, anyone?)

The political supporters of the German government knew they would never get their agenda passed on a secret ballot vote. People forget that the highest vote total the Party received was under 40 percent. It helped to have control of the police and the guns. So public will was ignored. Here too.

There has been seepage of the JBP into other areas. Many things that are crimes are simply winked at. If we look at the economic crisis I think we see that many acts of fraud were winked at and continue to be winked at.

This is a very slippery slope.

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