Uh Oh, A Bad Idea From Arizona…The First In A While


Unfortunately, “progressives” seem to be everywhere.

This band wants to seperate from Arizona and form a new “liberal” state out of Pima County.

I am not sure that making smaller states out of bigger ones is a good idea, unless we return powers to the states they don’t already have.  Overly centralized government is a big part of our problem these days and chopping states into county-sized bites means little if there is less regional autonomy.  I am especially doubtful because “Baja Arizona” is along the border and the border needs our attention badly. We must control it. I don’t think the seperatists want that, especially given the “smash the border” photo used to accompany the article.

Let’s watch this and see where it goes.

 There is lots of sentiment for people to carve off sections of states. I believe Vermont wants to secede altogether (as if secession wasn’t a dead letter). There are Californians who want to split the state, because the liberal coast is way out of step with the heartland. Again, it doesn’t mean much if we don’t partially dismantle Washington and return powers to the states.

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