Reality vs Politics When It Comes To Immigration

and this

The president is simply wrong about immigration and out of step with most Americans who want more restriction on illegal aliens and who understand what the term means.

The top article should have made Americans very angry – 13 people killed in a shootout along the border. This is almost the level of violence that resulted in the Punitive Expedition into Mexico led by General John J. Pershing after Pancho Villa raided Columbus, New Mexico.

The bottom article is a New Y0rk Times discussion of the rollout of President Obama’s latest effort to end any effort at enforcing the border. He is already very casual about it – despite his tough rhetoric – and now he wants to fully open the border. It is a debate his party has lost every time it has come up. If he is a healer and a uniter he will heal the border by controlling it and unite us as Americans proud of our heritage and willing to require people who come here do so legally with full intention of assimilating and contributing. That is one key component to America reasserting itself economically and resuming its incredible capacity for good by resuming its posture as the economic engine of the world. That will help more people more efficiently than debasing our economy with cheap labor that expects taxpayer handouts doled by grateful Democrats squeezing the life out of the economy. Face it, our growth rate is half what is was and about 1/3rd what it could be. Democrats aren’t wholly at fault, there are quite a few misguided Repubicans out there,  but Democrats had a lock on both houses until November and majorities for quite some time. The Democrats are more guilty than the Republicans for the mess we are in and their attitude toward cheap labor, forced unionism and endless illegal immigrants is a good part of the Recipe of Doom they have been mixing.

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