Another Example of “Jerry Brown Syndrome” Along the Border…

Today’s link is a fine example of a theme I have been pursuing.

This theme is  the neglect of rule of law by Democrats, and many Republicans, a sneak around policy I call “Jerry Brown Syndrome.” Brown at least was forthright. He opposed the death penalty his first time as governor and said he would not impose it – despite a constitutional, legal and electoral requirement to do so in normal circumstances.

The JBS is, in its simplest form, running for a political office with no intention of following the laws as written and every intention of following your agenda and actively circumventing laws you disapprove of, find inconvenient, or which “cramp your style.”

JBS isn’t really about old-fashioned crookery, it is mostly about what I consider criminal “social engineering”

Today’s post notes that only 44 percent of the border is under operational control.
But control is what more than 60 percent of Americans (I have seen polls as high as 66 percent) want.

Congress has consistently looked the other way and voted against the rule of law, common sense and national interest when it comes to the border. Where was the outrage of Congress when Arizona was sued for enforcing federal immigration law and requiring state law enforcement to assist?

This pernicious idea that you can be elected to an office whose duties you have no intention of fulfilling is rife. I see it all the time in California. Kamala Harris is our new state attorney general. The former San Francisco DA She is “famous” for refusing to seek death against an accused cop killer. Even U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein was appalled.  Harris uses a particularly annoying dodge. She considered  the death penalty “case by case.” Somehow she never found the right case.  The Penal Code is as clear as any code can be after endless harangue and trips to the Supreme Court. Yes, JBS rules here.

Americans must speak out, act and vote. But voting isn’t enough. We must be more active. Or JBS will win.

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