Horse Manure Words On Immigration….Earth To Democrats, illegal Immigration IS a Crime

Personally, I don’t know too much about this CNS.

I supposed the Democrats will cry “misquote” on some aspect of the words she reportedly said. However, the sentiments expressed and the mental attitude behind the words capture the essential idiocy and mendacity of the Democrat’s postion.

First, illegal immigration IS a crime. It is an umbrella crime because perpetrators commit a crime in breaking into this country but they commit other crimes in to further it. Those crimes include various forms of fraud and violations of statutes in their home country and ours. Not to mention any civil and criminal offenses perpetrated while here. Any one over the age of four knows that illegal immigrants are shadows and we don’t know who they are and why they are here. We could have millions of terrorists waiting for a signal for all we know.

Second, the comments show that “comprehensive immigration reform” is a code-word for amnesty, and is not about immigration reform at all.

Third, the speaker is oblivious to the fact that poll after poll shows that we don’t want a porous border and we don’t want an economy where  millions of people here illegally are part of the “backbone” of the economy. Especially since those illegal workers are driving down wages.

Fourth, I get a strong whiff of the “Jerry Brown Syndrome” here. It is perfect JBS. I don’t want to follow the law so I will pretend it isn’t there and if it becomes inconvenient I will maneuver around it while posturing about “morality” and showing entwined ignorance and mendacity.

These people claim to be “environmentalists” but as anyone over the age of six can see millions of people turning magnificent border parklands into drug and people smuggling havens is an environmental disaster.

Democrat Double Talk

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