People Go Through Hell To Come Here…Yet We Don’t Value Our Own Country…

This is heart-rending. People desperate to come here crammed in buses in “inhuman conditions.”  Heart-rending and very wrong.

I post this now because it happened a while back and I bet most people don’t even remember the story.

We need to do some things as a nation. We need to hold people who wish to come here accountable to our our laws and the laws of their nations of origin and of “pass-through.” Note that these people broke Mexican law as well as American. We also need to recognize that this nation is still, despite the best efforts of deluded people, a beacon of hope. We must offer the best hope to honest,law-abiding people who come here legally, and we must be conscious of the numbers we admit. We allow one million people are year to come here legally. We should draw the line at illegal entries and do it quickly.

It is a matter of law, sovereignty, popular will, security and basic economics.

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